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DJ Emma

I can offer a bespoke musical experience for any event. I specialize in bringing quality and uplifting music from a range of decades and genres including soul, funk, disco, electro-swing and house to name but a few. I will enhance your event with the music I play and create an amazing, positive atmosphere.  My main strength as a DJ is to know spontaneously what the crowd needs. Every audience is unique and my role is to study the crowd and to know instinctively which tune is the one to spin next. 

I love vinyl - I still use it,  but not exclusively. It really depends on the event, the equipment and the requirements of the customer but nothing's quite like vinyl in my eyes!

I have all my own equipment and I can provide a full set up including a PA and lighting effects if you require it. I can also just simply turn up to your event with my music and headphones if that is what you wish. The pricing varies depending on what your needs are. 

If you are interested in booking me, then please contact me to discuss your event further. I will work closely with you to find out about your musical tastes and preferences to create a set that will reflect your choices but be intertwined with my own distinctive style.



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