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About Me........

Where It All began......

In the late 90's - I began to go to record shops when I was a student in Bath.  My love of House Music and US Garage had been ignited when I had been a regular club goer in the mid 90's . We would pile into an old white transit van and head off to London, Bristol and Bath to dance the night away. Music was the only thing that mattered. We lived for the weekends!  
I began to actually DJ in 1999. It was a case of getting straight in there when I was offered a set in a local club.

2000 - 2016....

From 2003 I was DJ'ing every weekend in my hometown of Salisbury​ as well as travelling across the South West of the UK playing in clubs and bars. It was an amazing experience, but I had young children and eventually by 2008 - I decided to put my DJ'ing career on hold. I began to teach music in and out of schools. I loved doing this and it became my main focus for the next few years.


In 2016, I decided to go back to DJ'ing as well as teaching during the day - the passion for DJ'ing  reignited after my brother asked me to DJ at his wedding - luckily he and his fiance had impeccable taste in music! Fast forward to now -nearly 8 years later and my career has developed in more positive ways than I could have ever envisaged! I have played at festivals across the UK including Standon Calling, We Out Here, Shindig, Glastonbury, Isle Of Wight, Camp Bestival & Beatherder. I have played at many clubs across the UK but mainly in London and Bristol and supported acts such as Craig Charles, Groove Armada, Crazy P, Norman Jaye & Mousse T to name a few. I have 2 radio shows - one at 1BTN (based in Brighton) and one at Brixton Radio where I invite interesting guests form the world of music to be part of the show.  I also play at many private & corporate events where I am happy to tailor the music to the individual needs of the clients. 

Other Musical projects.....

 I am thrilled to be collaborating with 'The Funkbunnies' (
I have joined them as their trumpet player and DJ in events that require  a band and a DJ. We have already done a number of successful events together.
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